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If you are looking to get the most value you out of your trade, want an instant cash offer, or are simply looking to research the value of your vehicle. Getting a value for your trade has never been easier.

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  3. Look up the NADA value as a guideline

AutoTrek provides members with the most current and accurate consumer vehicle information on the market today.  We believe an informed consumer is the best consumer and have provided our members with the information they need to get the most value out of their vehicle.

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 Get a competitive purchase offer, even if you do not buy your next vehicle with us. We also offer consignment options as well.

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Research NADA Values

Looking to get an idea of what your current car is worth? Use our NADA value guide to help provide you with an estimate.

Get NADA Value

Enter your vehicle information for the latest NADA value of your vehicle. Most dealers and lending institutions rely on NADA values.